Luxe Lady Box Mystery Boxes

Luxe Lady Box


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Earn Coins

Earn a coin for every dollar you spend. Use them later to open free boxes, which can be unlocked with coins.

Provably Fair

Our provably fair system uses a combination of three elements to ensure random, transparent outcomes. View the percentage probability for each item at the top-right corner within the unlockable items section below.

Unlockable Items in Luxe Lady Box Mystery Box

Unlocked boxes 5

Unlock exciting surprises with Luxe Lady Box Mystery Box! Open virtually for $109.99 USD and discover items valued from $0.31 USD to $10,445.56 USD. From Print Jacket, Serpenti Seduttori, Bag- Khaki, “Life’s work” Bag, Lou Lou Toy Shoulder Bag, Burrow- 22 Shoulder Bag, Diag Flap Bag, Dyson - Corrale Hair, Jacquard shawl with VLogo detail, Supersonic Hair Dryer, Manhattan Top Handle Bag, Manchester Sunglasses, LenPliage Shoulder Bag- Navy, Shoulder Bag - Brown, Crossbody Bag - Large Vanilla / Pink, Play Red Heart Tee, Crossbody Bag - Medium Vanilla, Play Inverted Tee, Canvas Tote Bag, Faux Fur Tote Bag - Black, FORZEN Wristlet Keychain, and Reusable Silicone Facial Mask, find out what you'll unbox today!