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Earn Coins

Earn a coin for every dollar you spend. Use them later to open free boxes, which can be unlocked with coins.

Provably Fair

Our provably fair system uses a combination of three elements to ensure random, transparent outcomes. View the percentage probability for each item at the top-right corner within the unlockable items section below.

Unlockable Items in Bimmer Vault Mystery Box

Unlocked boxes 53739

Unlock exciting surprises with Bimmer Vault Mystery Box! Open virtually for $1,359.99 USD and discover items valued from $200.00 USD to $294,000.00 USD. From GTR R35 Nismo 2022, M5 (2023), RS6 (2022), RS5 (2022), Supra GR 3.0 (2022), Atlas 8 Piece Winder Safe, Streetfighter V4, 10 oz Gold Bar - Credit Suisse, Miami Vice Digital C-Print, Keepall Bandouliere Epi 45, 10 oz Platinum Bar - Credit Suisse, Air Force 1 Low By Virgil Abloh, Basketball Keepall 55 Antarctica, Basketball Keepall 55 Monogram, New Backpack, Keepall Bandouliere Monogram Mesh 50 Black, Jordan 1 Retro High Chicago, Keepall Bandouliere Clouds, Topas Multiwheel 45L, Off The Grid x 100 Thieves Backpack, Lou Lou Quilted Shoulder Bag, Classic Weekender, Speedy Bandouliere Monogram 25, Jordan 1 Retro High, 1 oz Gold Round - Dogecoin, Cabin Plus, GG Supreme Briefcase, Basketball Tiffany, Monogram Scarf Brown, GG Supreme Fanny Pack, Steep Tech Fleece Jacket Teal, Steep Tech Backpack FW21, Gift Card $250, Steep Tech Waist Bag, and Flight Ticket up to $200, find out what you'll unbox today!